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In the past, delivering a personalised experience for hotel guests may have been a luxury, but in today’s world, it’s become a necessity. With changing guest behaviours and expectations, hotels that fail to personalise their guests’ experience risk falling behind their competition.  


In this blog post, we’ll discuss why delivering a personalised experience for guests is more important than ever for hoteliers and how customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software can help facilitate this. 


The Rise of Personalisation: Why Hotels Need to Adapt 

First and foremost, we live in a world where everything is customised to meet our individual needs and preferences. From streaming services that recommend shows based on what we’ve watched in the past to e-commerce sites that suggest products based on our browsing history, personalisation has become the norm. As a result, guests now expect the same level of personalisation when they book a hotel stay. 


Making Every Detail Count: How Personalisation Can Enhance the On-Property Experience 

On-property personalisation is crucial in providing a memorable guest experience. Hotels can use technology such as mobile apps and in-room tablets to allow guests to customise their experience, from requesting room service to booking a spa appointment. By using For-Sight’s CRM solution, you can also use data from previous stays to personalise in-room amenities, such as stocking the minibar with a guest’s preferred drinks or at the check-in by being personal and authentic in the way you greet your guests.  


Beyond the On-Property Experience: The Power of Personalised Communication 

Personalisation is not just limited to the on-property experience. It starts from the moment a guest interacts with your hotel, whether that’s through the hotel’s website, social media, or email. With For-Sight’s CRM software, you can collect data about your guests’ preferences, booking history, and other relevant information. This data can then be used to personalise communications with guests, including emails, social media messages, and even personalised offers and promotions. 


The Value of The Single Guest Profile 

If you’re looking to create a more personalised guest experience and improve your hotel’s revenue, then you need to check out For-Sight’s Single Guest Profile, a report within our CRM. It’s the central source of truth for all your guests’ data, giving you a 360-degree view of their preferences and behaviour, and enabling you to personalise your communication and marketing efforts to drive more direct bookings and revenue for your hotel. 


Marketing Automation to Personalise Every Guest Interaction 

Marketing automation is another powerful tool that can help you deliver a personalised experience. By automating certain marketing tasks, such as email campaigns and social media posts, you can deliver relevant messages to guests at the right time, every time, without the need for manual intervention. For example, you could set up an email campaign that sends a personalised offer to guests who have booked a stay during a specific period, based on their previous booking history.  


With For-Sight’s marketing solution, you can set up automated marketing workflows that save time while allowing dynamic personalisation. Utilise personalisation tokens, create segmentation rules and establish multiple touchpoints for each guest to make their interactions with your marketing efforts unique. 



In conclusion, personalisation has become a necessity for hotels in order to meet the evolving expectations of today’s guests. By utilising CRM and marketing automation software, hoteliers can collect guest data and use it to deliver customised experiences both digitally and on-property. Whether it’s through personalised marketing efforts or customised in-room amenities, hotels that focus on personalisation will be well-positioned to succeed in the competitive hospitality industry. 


If you’re interested in seeing first-hand how the For-Sight CRM & Marketing Solution can revolutionize your hotel’s marketing campaigns and enable you to foster more personalised and valuable guest relationships, we invite you to book a demo with us today. 

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