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A Powerful Reporting Suite

For-Sight’s advanced hotel CRM lets you visualise key metrics and make informed decisions based on the performance of your business and behaviour of your guests with the dynamic Reporting Suite.

Access a wide set of reports and dashboards using a variety of widgets and multiple filters to help you identify trends and review important information for all guests.

Front Desk Report

Front Desk

Access all the information you need for upcoming bookings, including the RFM categories to identify your most valuable guests and highlight the ones who still have an OTA email address. The Front Desk Report allows you to recognise your guests and facilitate capturing guest information.

Bookings Report


Prove the effectiveness of your strategy and make business decisions with greater certainty than ever before.

Compare key metrics for the bookings that occurred over different periods.

Guest Profile

Guest Profile

Gain a clear picture and a better understanding of how your guests experience your hotel. Get a complete snapshot on behavioural insights, bookings over a specific period of time, both in the past and in the future. Use that information to tailor experiences, and to meet and exceed expectations.

Email Quality

Email Quality

Monitor email validity and marketability to ensure your marketing campaigns will be deployed to your guests personal email.

Data Quality

Key Reports

Other key reports available including Data Quality and Rate Code reports capture and presents all of the data fed from the PMS over a specific period of time.

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