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Not your normal CRM

The For-Sight CRM Platform is a marketing and hotel engagement solution that brings together all the data from multiple transactional systems.

Our hospitality data management system is engineered to enhance your data, maximise your email marketing, improve guest experience, and create a central source of truth for each individual guest journey through every hotel touchpoint.

Ensure data is clean & actionable

Guest data is an invaluable asset, showing their preferences, behaviour, desired level of contact and interactions and their potential purchases.

You need clean, actionable data.

Our CRM software consolidates data from your Property Management System (PMS) and other core transactional hotel systems, including Point of Sale, Reputation Management and WIFI registration.

Understand & segment

Whether you cater to mainly business travellers, families on holiday or couples enjoying a romantic weekend, the For-Sight hospitality CRM equips you with the tools you need to understand your guests and their motivations so you can take advantage of upselling opportunities.

Once your data is in order, our easy to use, intuitive query engine allows you to segment your hotel guests so you can target them with effective, relevant and valuable marketing communications.

Personalise the journey

Targeted email marketing from your hotel is critical for building relationships and loyalty with your guests, and personalisation lets you stand out and cut through in the competitive hospitality industry.

With For-Sight’s advanced marketing tools, you can create customer-first, personalised hotel email marketing that increases customer satisfaction, strengthens the relationship with your guests and humanises your brand.

Build & automate

Design and create powerful automated marketing that can be based on your segmentation or triggered by time stamp or events such as check-in.

For-Sight's advanced automation allows you to personalise dynamic content at scale, helping you create and maintain your guest relationships, using relevant and scheduled email marketing.

Measure & validate

An advanced hotel CRM that lets you visualise and report on campaigns, guest data and performance with a powerful Reporting Suite. Act on key metrics and make informed decisions based on hard data and results.

A dynamic interface allows you to filter, switch widgets and save the setup to download later. Access a wide set of reports and dashboards, allowing you to analyse the performance of your business and behaviour of your guests.

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