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Guest messaging enables you to engage in meaningful conversations with each single of your guests. This is an opportunity to strengthen the relationships with your guests, enhance your service, and ensure that each guest’s stay is maximised to its full potential.  


Technology plays a central role in the design of your messaging strategy. More than a simple tool to send over regular communications, hospitality-designed technology can help you develop a proactive and guest-centric messaging strategy. A challenge met by many hoteliers is to push personalisation at every step of the journey, through various communication channels.  


How can technology serve your guest messaging needs? What communication channels can help you reach out to your guest in a meaningful way? And finally what assets within your business can be pushed to help your strategy?  


Florencia Cueto Pedrotti, at ReviewPro and Nigel Allport, For-Sight Chief Commercial Officer share with André Baljeu on podcast their expertise and insights about what aspects to consider when designing a successful guest communication strategy leveraging technology solutions.  


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