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Implementing an Efficient CRM from Day One

Whether you’re launching a new hotel or aiming to enhance your existing property operations, there’s...

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We’re Ready For-GDPR, Are You?

With General Data Protection Regulation being implemented across the EU in exactly one month today, what changes can hotels expect to come? Read our handy blog on some hotel highlights within GDPR.


Don’t be the April Fool this Easter – Prosper in the rise of the Staycation

Nothing goes hand in hand quite like a long weekend and a Staycation. No rush, no panic, no patting your pockets every 10 seconds to ensure your passport hasn’t jumped out. With a definitive change in consumption since the economic downturn, cost has become an increasing factor in how people choose to spend their holidays...


St. Patrick’s Day – Don’t just rely on luck

Although the UK enjoyed an impromptu snow orientated national holiday last week (tip of the cap to all you Working-From-Homers and Skiing-To-Workers) our colleagues on the Emerald Isle have their own (real) national holiday coming up...


Mother’s Day: Let your hotel be the perfect thank you

Whether it’s your own, your children’s, or someone else’s, every Mother deserves a big thank you. With Mother’s Day on 11th March, make sure your hotel gives people the chance to say a big thank you to the original special lady in their life...


Don’t Be The Heartbreak Hotel This Valentines Day

We're (finally) into February, which means the most romantic day of the year is very close. No, not Pancake Day, Valentines Day! A day for couples to celebrate each other, their relationship, and most importantly, the great hotel industry. Here's how to ensure you're not the Heartbreak Hotel this Valentines Day.


2018: The Future Is Here

We're in the year 2018. A year that 20th Century writers dreamed of. They envisioned flying cars, sentient robots and an array of funky outfits. What we have instead are an array fuel efficient cars, mobile phones with features straight out of a Star Trek episode and, well, an array of funky outfits. But what does 2018 mean for the Hotel Industry?

AnnouncementsPress Release

PRESS RELEASE: For-Sight & Village Hotels A Successful First Year In Enabling Guest Communications

Village Hotels, a modern brand with strong leisure and recreation appeal, approached For-Sight Guest CRM seeking guidance in the replacement of their previous system. Village desired an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system equipped with an email-deployment function for their central team and 29 hotel sites across the United Kingdom. With a total overhaul of all technological structure from the Property Management System (PMS) up, Village have streamlined and simplified their data management and guest communication channels with the help of For-Sight Guest CRM. The success of this overhaul is visible through the continuously improved results in ROI and increased guest retention, as well as improved engagement rates in guest communications.


How Black Friday Came To Be

Although Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily celebrated this side of the pond, we’ve certainly adopted it's consumer counterpart, Black Friday. Being the day after the penultimate American holiday, it usually denotes the first day of Christmas shopping. This is no more apparent in the hotel industry...

Email Marketing

Segmentation: Who You Gonna Email?

Segmentation of your audience can be a spooky prospect. Though you should imagine segmentation as scary a prospect as Slimer, while the real Gozer in your email marketing strategy is the potential saturation of your audience...

Partnerships & Integrations

We’re Oracle Gold Partners!

Good news! We're Oracle Gold Partners! Through our integration with OPERA PMS we are working towards making the entire guest data experience easier and more effective...

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