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For-Sight (a subsidiary of Forth Communication Limited) is pleased to announce that the For-Sight Guest CRM integration to hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) is now available through Impala’s universal API.

Developed by ISO 27001 accredited UK headquartered Forth Communication Ltd, For-Sight Guest CRM delivers a world-class data management solution specifically geared to the hotel sector, to leverage guest data providing personalised one to one communications.

With rule based automation and dynamic personalisation to drive direct bookings and maximise upsell opportunities, For-Sight will allow hotels to deliver an enhanced, personalised guest experience.

“We’re very excited to be connected to hotel data using Impala. We’re always delighted to work with companies who share our vision of giving hoteliers easy access to the best tools and to their data.” said For-Sight CEO & Co-founder, Allan Nelson. “I’m delighted that we’ll be working with Impala as they push forward with bringing new tools and services into the hands of hoteliers, quickly and easily.”

Charlie Cowley, Cofounder & CCO of Impala said, “We’re delighted that For-Sight is now connected to hotel data using our universal API. Properties will now be able to connect For-Sight’s Guest CRM to their PMS using Impala, facilitate more effective guest relationships through tailored and personalised content, and maintain the highest standards in data security and compliance.”

About Impala

Impala allows hardware and software products to connect to hotel data in minutes. Using a universal and well-documented JSON API, hotel data that was previously difficult to obtain through a long and expensive process can now be accessed quickly and securely. With hotels on six continents and more than 500 products already using Impala, their mission is to make it incredibly easy for great entrepreneurs and developers to build travel applications.

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