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Global Revenue Forum: Roadmap to Resilience

Date 30/01/2024
Location Hilton Bankside

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We are proud sponsors of the Global Revenue Forum—an exceptional gathering of industry leaders and visionaries in London, Stockholm, Milan, and Lisbon. Together, we’ll delve into actionable strategies for enhancing commercial success and building resilience in today’s unpredictable market landscape.


📅 When? 30 January

📍 Where? London, Hilton Bankside

🫵 Who should attend? The forum is a haven for general managers, hotel owners, commercial leaders, revenue professionals, and sales and marketing experts—a vibrant community dedicated to commercial management.

📌What will be explored?

  1. How can we cultivate a culture to thrive despite unstable markets?
  2. How can technology be harnessed to support ongoing business uncertainty?
  3. What strategies can help us excel despite the volatile environment we operate in?
  4. What is the role of education and training in preparing our future leaders for the unexpected?
  5. How can we embrace sustainable practices to support long-term business success?
  6. How can the successful implementation of change management principles drive organizational transformation and resilience in today’s volatile business landscape?
  7. How can we manage and nurture commercial teams through ongoing uncertainty?
  8. What is the role of a diverse and inclusive culture in building a robust and stable operation?
  9. What lessons can we learn from other industries?



This year, we’re thrilled to explore the ‘Roadmap to Resilience‘ theme. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Allan Nelson, will be sharing his insights on ‘How to Maximise incremental Revenue opportunities from Data-driven Digital Marketing Strategies. This session will focus on how data-driven personalisation transforms digital marketing strategies and drives bottom-line profitability through nurturing the development of guest relationships with tailored marketing campaigns for increased engagement and loyalty and how creating a revenue-focused culture fosters helps align the objectives of both marketing and revenue teams.

📌 We would love you to join Allan to hear his expertise and insights; you can view his session online or at Breakout 3 in London from 13:15-13:34 (GMT). 

Take advantage of this exciting event! There’s still time to secure your spot for in-person or online sessions. Visit the Home – Global Revenue Forum website for more details and registration. Let’s navigate this challenging market landscape together and seize new revenue opportunities!

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👉 You can also view other speakers who will be participating in London.

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