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Case Study

RBH: Bridgewood Manor

For-Sight helps drive direct booking increases of 52%

In 2011 For-Sight partnered with RBH Hospitality Management, Europe’s leading Hospitality Management company, boasting a portfolio of over 45 hotels and 5,700 bedrooms.

For-Sight Guest Engagement provides RBH with a centralised Marketing & Hotel CRM solution for the hotels across their portfolio.

With hotels operating under many different brands within the portfolio, For-Sight Guest Engagement acts as a single source of truth by bringing together the data from, not only disparate systems within each individual hotel, but different PMS (and other systems) providers across the portfolio.

With continued success, through the efforts of RBH and For-Sight, hotels within the group have seen significant results.

One such hotel is Bridgewood Manor.

In July 2019 a campaign was executed to drive spa package bookings for Bridgewood Manor by the end of the following month. This campaign was executed across the marketing mix, with simultaneous email campaign, direct mail and targeted social media advertising.

With For-Sight Guest Engagement, RBH were able to segment data from Bridgewood Manor and build a target audience for their campaign, with such variables as previous occupancy booking type, last stay date, distance from hotel and those who had previously taken advantage of a spa break.

The results from the campaign spoke for themselves.

Bridgewood Manor saw an increase in direct bookings of 52% compared to the previous month, and an 84% increase in direct bookings during the week the campaign launched.

Not only was there an extremely positive increase in direct bookings, both month on month, and week on week, there was also a significant increase of 38% in ADR as a result of the campaign.

“With For-Sight Guest Engagement we have been able to maximise opportunities across our portfolio and the results that we have seen have been extremely positive”

“The percentage increases in direct bookings alone show the value in using hotel data to drive activity, as well as the importance of personalisation in increasing engagement.”

Emma Degnan, Marketing Manager

Results such as those seen at Bridgewood Manor show that the targeted campaigns and segmentation, made possible with For-Sight Guest Engagement turning siloed hotel data into actionable insight, can help to reduce hotel reliance on OTA bookings – avoiding high commission and increasing direct revenue.

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