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Guest behaviours are changing. All the time. And the way hoteliers interact with guests isn’t the way it used to be. In today’s digital age using technology to deploy your marketing strategy has become a crucial aspect of success. 

And in order to grow and scale your marketing efforts, leveraging CRM technology is key. Whether you’re working for a boutique hotel, a resort or a group, the For-Sight CRM helps you attract new guests and foster loyalty. One rule you must know: to unlock CRM full potential, you need to integrate it with your PMS, as it is the main data source of any hospitality CRM. 

At For-Sight we recently integrated with Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP). This integration is an addition to our current integrations with the Oracle offering. 


What is OHIP? 

OHIP, also known as the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform, is a cloud-based integration solution that makes it easier for partners and providers to retrieve the data necessary to connect their solutions with the OPERA Cloud PMS.


How OHIP integrates with For-Sight 

When you connect both platforms, you enable the automatic transfer of data from OHIP into For-Sight, specifically for Reservation (1) and Profile (2) data. 

  1. Reservation data 

For-Sight’s CRM is populated with your transactional stay data, enabling you to segment your guests’ information. This way, you can send personalised email marketing communications tailored to a guest’s information, using for example the arrival date, type of stay, or reservation status. 

  1. Profile data 

By integrating with OHIP you are also able to view the single guest profile within For-Sight. This provides you with all the important information you hold on a guest. To simplify the process of reading this data, For-Sight collates the information and generates reports automatically, making data analysis easily trackable, and digestible. 


Exploring the 8 Benefits of Connecting For-Sight and OHIP  

Let’s see how you can use this integration for your hotel. 


1 Boosted productivity 

Integrating your PMS and CRM can streamline your operations by eliminating manual data work. Guest information and transactions are automatically transferred from OHIP to For-Sight, improving accuracy and consistency while freeing up staff time for other tasks. 


2 The only truth you need by unifying guest data 

For-Sight’s Reporting Suite provides a centralised and comprehensive view of your guests, including all their interactions, preferences and historical data. Your marketing team and hotel staff have quick and easy access to the guest information, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. By storing all data in a single source, the risk of duplicates and inaccuracies is significantly reduced. 



For-Sight's Reporting Suite - Guest Profile Report

3 Personalised guest experience 

Guests are increasingly seeking hyper-personalisation during their experience. To deliver meaningful communications you need to know your guests’ expectations. 

By integrating OHIP with For-Sight, you gain a more complete view of each guest’s history, preferences, and behaviours. This information leads to better-informed marketing decisions and enables you to personalize your communication with them by using email segmentation and personalisation tokens.  


4 Going beyond your guests’ expectations with segmentation 

Segmentation allows for personalisation, improved engagement, higher open and click-through rates, better ROI, and valuable data insights 

Want to know how it works? 

Simply put, it divides your larger audience into smaller, more targeted groups based on criteria such as demographics, behaviour, booking history, and preferences. 

For-Sight automatically collect guest data from OHIP and categorise it into segments Then, you can craft email campaigns tailored to each group for maximum impact. For example, you might send a promotional email about a new spa package to guests who have previously expressed interest in spa services. 


5 Personalisation meets effectiveness with marketing automation 

Automated campaigns and transactional emails can enhance communication efficiency and ease workload for hotel staff. With For-Sight, you can pre-design these communications and establish triggers that will automatically send them, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This feature guarantees timely responses to inquiries. 

How does it work? For-Sight retrieves guest data from OHIP to allow you to create the triggers that automate campaign sent. Triggers can be based on guest data, such as their stay history, preferences, and behaviour during their stay. Each trigger will run smoothly and efficiently every day, without the need for any manual intervention. 


6 Cost-Effectiveness 

The integration of For-Sight’s CRM solution with OHIP represents an expansion of our existing Oracle integrations and provides a more cost-effective alternative to Opera’s OXI API method. With this integration, you can expect a seamless integration experience. 


7 Maximising Direct Bookings 

Maximising direct bookings is crucial to the longevity of your guests and to reduce the financial loss from OTA commissions. A win-back strategy focused on OTA guests is essential to achieve this.  

For-Sight, through its integration with OHIP, allows you to easily identify guests who booked through OTAs, enabling you to create a targeted approach. This gives you the opportunity to encourage them to share their real email address and data, allowing you to provide a more personalized experience during their stay and encourage future direct bookings. 


8 Let Data Drive Your Marketing 

Relying on assumptions or intuition is not good enough to build a robust marketing strategy. With your CRM the hub of delivery of your guest communications strategy, ensuring it collates guest data from your PMS is key. The For-Sight CRM Platform integrates with OHIP, as well as other transactional systems, to provide a comprehensive and robust profile of your guest highlighting their preferences. This information can be used to make well-informed decisions based on current and accurate information on your guests. 


Data-Driven Solutions for the Hospitality Industry: The Power of For-Sight and OHIP Integration 

The integration of For-Sight and OHIP offers a cost-effective, seamless, and data-driven solution to streamline your operations and improve your marketing strategy. With the ability to personalise guest communications, reduce OTA reliance, and make data-driven decisions, this integration is a game-changer for the hotel industry. 


If you’re interested in hearing how the integration can support your operations and marketing, we recommend reaching out to our team: start the conversation  


Find us on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. 

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