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Meet Matt, our Sales Director at For-Sight! If you wanted a demo, Matt would give you a look around our CRM and Marketing Platform- he’ll show you its look but also how to use it to identify guest behaviour and trends, how you can use that information to enhance the guest journey and deploy your marketing strategy. 

We picked Matt’s brain and asked him about “what a perfect day looks like”, or also “what are his favourite cities for exhibitions” – watch the video to get to know Matt.  


Read our interview below:

Your Role? 

My primary role is to talk to hoteliers about the power of the guest data that they hold in the properties, and how they can put that to good use. he utilising the For-Sight platform for guest communication and marketing purposes and really explain how we can operate the homes throughout the customers’ journeys that they have within the.

The Perfect day 

My perfect day is one where I’ve got coffee. One where I’m talking to hoteliers about what we do, and how we can generate significant revenues and a great return on investment. And of course, that feeling when we get another customer, a customer that makes that commitment to partner with us, and join the For-Sight family, for me is brilliant. We’ve got some amazing customers.

Favourite city for an event 

London, Berlin and Dubai. The thing about the industry is that we get to meet so many different cultures, and that’s what I love about the industry. But of course, London because this year we’re at the Independent Hotel Show in October.

Why For-Sight 

That’s a great question. Putting aside all the products, the company’s got an incredible culture The values that we’ve got here, they’re aligned with my own personal development objectives, both in work and in life generally. For-Sight work with a really diverse mix of individuals, that got different views, perspectives and experiences, and that really helps us to improve our ability to challenge conventions, support our customers, to really strengthen our product.


My wife and I have a very busy family of three. So family time for me is really important. Work hard, but our family time is very important. So that said, I love meeting up with my mates. I live in the Pennines in West Yorkshire, so plenty of dog walks. 

Best purchase and biggest regret 

The worst purchase was I bought a house at significant expense, which was nearer to my place of work, just simply so I could be closer to my dog. In hindsight, it probably would have been cheaper just to get a dog walker. But I think people could relate to wanting to be a little bit closer to their furry friends.

The best thing I’ve ever bought was several years ago. I bought a Bitcoin. The only thing I wish was that I had kept hold of it.

Tea or coffee 

I live-in Yorkshire. It’s got to be Yorkshire tea. I love a good brew.

Your mantra 

Treat others with respect as you want to be treated back. Of course, and that’s just a simple rule and one of which works for me.


🤝 Get in touch with Matt on LinkedIn. 


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