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Meet Nigel, one of our fantastic colleagues from our Sales team at For-Sight. 

We caught up with him to find out more about his role, ‘what would his best day look like, or also ‘the worst purchase he has ever made’ – watch the video to get to know Nigel.  

Read our interview below: 

Your Role? 

I’m the chief commercial officer here at For-Sight. I oversee all commercial operations, so that include key account management, new sales, and I’m also involved in the senior leadership team

The Perfect day 

Perfect day would be when we receive a testimonial from one of our customers, somebody who has chosen to share with us their story of perhaps how a campaign returns with a fantastic a ROI, something of that nature. Then also, I’m in sales, so when we receive instructions from a new client who wants to proceed and progress with For-Sight, that’s always a wonderful day. 


Favourite city for an event 

That’s an easy one. My favourite city for conferences and exhibitions will be Austin in Texas, I’ve been very fortunate to go to a number of HITEC exhibitions and conferences there over the years. It’s a fabulous city, so it’s great for work and the leisure side is amazing as well. 

So I always look forward to an invitation back to Austin.  


Why For-Sight 

I could see the market potential for For-Sight and the acceptance in the hospitality sector of the power of data. I think this has been something that has been understood well in retail for a long time now. 

And actually I think it’s also accelerated since the pandemic that there’s real power in data, and putting that data to use to deliver very personal communications to a guest or a prospective guest.  



I cycle, I have a racing bike, so I cycle in some competitions and I’m also a season ticket holder, Wolverhampton Wanderers. 

So I attend as many Premier League football matches as I can. Okay. So best would be the recent house purchase where I relocated to North Wales. It’s a beautiful, beautiful part of the world. So the investment, in that property has been fabulous. 


Best purchase and biggest regret 

The worst. Was a bit of a disaster. I purchased a hot air balloon ride for my wife for her birthday, only to find out that she absolutely hates heights, and particularly when she’s in an open basket. I was very, very, very unpopular for a long time. 


Tea or coffee 

I’m a mint tea person. I’ve been for a couple of years.  


Your mantra 

I would say to understand, to try to stand in someone else’s shoes, to understand life from that perspective. I think that gives you the ability to interpret things perhaps quite differently. 

So, I think about that in work and in life generally. 


Get in touch with Nigel on LinkedIn.

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