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For-Sight is delighted to be sponsoring the Hotel Marketing Association, Hotel Marketing Awards again for 2022.

Our Head of Marketing, Jamie McBride, was one of the judges of the Awards in 2021. He recently caught up with Pamela Carvell, Life President of the HMA to discuss why the awards are so important, and reflect on the entries from last year.

Check out the video below as we discuss why communicating your SMART objectives and results to the judges is critical, why it’s important to recognise ‘Great Marketing’ and (to quote a well known brand) why you should ‘Just Do It’!



There are many benefits to entering awards, such as the Hotel Marketing Awards, to your business and your team. Check out our 5 key A.W.A.R.D benefits.

A.W.A.R.D key benefits: 

  • Achievement.  You have done great, and your performance records speak for themselves. Now that you have been successful in a campaign by meeting your customers’ expectations, use this achievement to boost customers’ perception and strengthen your message. 
  • Win. The obvious reason – the winning. Winning or being nominated in a specific category helps to improve brand awareness. The positive outcomes of an award will extend to your brand image and services 
  • Attract new partners. You have demonstrated the ability to deliver a unique and creative marketing solution. Awards will reinforce your credibility, and therefore, are a good motive for partners to respond favourably towards new partnerships. 
  • Recognition. Rewarding your team for their success is great to boost motivation and empowering your employees.  
  • Differentiate. Awards can objectively support your competitive advantageThe judges are an external party to your business. Their impartiality will contribute to the trustworthiness of your marketing message. 


Entry to the Awards is free, and is open until 31 January 2022 with the awards ceremony taking place on Monday 28th March 2022.

The 2021/22 Awards categories are:

You can find out more about the awards here.


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