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When creating an email campaign for your guests there are multiple creative things that you can do to increase your guests’ engagement. To ensure that everything goes smoothly and to maximise your chance of success, there are several steps you should focus on. We have put together a 20 point email marketing checklist that you can use when building your email campaigns:  

Download the free interactive resource here 

Email marketing is a channel you can use to directly reach your guests, at any time and from anywhere. Each stage of the guest journey represents opportunities to enhance the experience, upsell, increase revenue and drive loyalty.  

Get a more in-depth understanding of email marketing planning and best practice for hospitality businesses by downloading our latest Hotel Email Marketing Guide, and find out: 

✔️ tips to plan your campaigns  

✔️ best practices you can apply now 

✔️ evidence-based research 

✔️ product insights and more! 

Download checklist hotel email marketing

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