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For-Sight announces its new partnership with the International Luxury Hotel Association (ILHA).  

We have entered a period where hospitality businesses are looking to their recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and evolving how they interact with their guests – from their operational processes to provide a safe guest experience, to their efforts in guest communication throughout the whole guest journey.    

With our partnership with the ILHA, our goal is to support the luxury hotel community with insights on effective use of data and how this can help enhance your relationships with your guests with highly personalised marketing and communications, as well as identify and take action on opportunities.   

Our CEO & Co-founder, Allan Nelson had this to say about our new partnership: “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with the ILHA and to become a part of this fantastic community. The whole For-Sight team and I are excited to be able to share our knowledge and expertise about all the opportunities that effective use of data can bring. When it comes to understanding guests with high expectations and delivering the most personalised offers and experience, the knowledge comes from all the data across your hotel systems.”  

To address evolving consumer expectations, the industry has entered the golden age of personalisation. As a hotel technology provider, we provide solutions that will help to tailor the guest experience to the individual’s preferences. Our CRM and Marketing technology supports the understanding of hotel performance and guests’ behaviour. It allows you to have a single view of your guest, segment them into groups sharing similarities and create a personalised guest journey, at scale.  

Data opens a world of possibilities for Luxury hotels to offer expectational guest’s experiences. Not only does clean, actionable data also allow you to execute effective, segmented personalised marketing, but it can help you to identify trends and opportunities across your business. And to do something about it.”  

For-Sight was born out of an enquiry by a world-leading luxury resort that needed expert advice on how to collect clean and actionable data to optimise their marketing strategy and guest communications. 

Today, we provide hoteliers with the tools to enhance the guest journey, identify opportunities and execute targeted marketing through clean actionable first-party data. Given the depth of data we work with, we also provide performance and operational insights via our in-depth reporting suite.    

The goal of our partnership is to help you unleash the full potential of the data locked within your PMS and other core systems to unlock the guest journey.  

To find out more or book a demo with our team, contact us here today. 


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