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Since Data is a fundamental asset of our solution, and for the hospitality industry as a whole, we would like to introduce you to Foivos, For-Sight’s Data Analyst. The first step for you to understand the importance of data, is to define why we at For-Sight eat, sleep and breathe data.  

Eat: data feeds our solution, and thereby feeds hospitality businesses with guests’ insights. Like a fruit-picker would do with apples, For-Sight CRM harvests data from your Property Management System (PMS) and other core transactional hotel systems.  

Sleep: If you had to collect, compile and create the reports a CRM can deliver yourself, sleeping would be a difficult task to squeeze in to your schedule! Automation will certainly help you sleep, but also give you real-time insights with a single view on your guests’ experience and help you make data-driven decisions.   

BreatheInhale. Like a deep breath, you can take in insights from our CRM to help you measure, analyse and adapt. You don’t need to think about breathing. When you are equipped with a CRM like For-Sight analysing your data can be as easy as breathing: it is an ‘automated’ process. But these insights are not the end of the journey. Actually, that’s when the journey starts for your guest. Exhale. The moment you have all the keys in your hands, it is time for you to deliver the right marketing strategy for your hospitality brand. Again, using a CRM to create your direct marketing campaign makes it easier for you as you have everything you need at the same place. 

Behind the scenes of our product: For-Sight Guest Engagement, Foivos helps make the magic happen. His work helps ensure the data available for hospitality businesses is: 

  • Clean: there are no duplicates, which offers you consistency in your data set. 
  • Actionable: at all times and where you need it to be, required data is available to our users to take action on. 
  • Empowering: insights from your CRM are in your hands for you to make strategic and operational decisions. 
  • Dynamic: working with businesses to identify what analysis requirements are right for them.

We have had the chance to discuss with Foivos to understand how he is helping For-Sight users to get the most out of their data. 

As For-Sight Data Analyst, what is the Core part of your job? 

My role is that of the Data Analyst. Even though every day is usually very different than the previous one, if I had to generalize what I do, I would split it up into two distinct categories.  

The first one is to interact with stakeholders in order to collect reporting requirements from a variety of different businesses. This can include larger scale projects, that help improve our internal reporting solution, or smaller scale ad hoc report and dashboard requests unique to a particular business.  

The second part of the role includes the execution of all the planning in part one. In other words, choosing and implementing the technologies that would better help us solve the problem in hand.  

What is your secret to always make sure you answer our customers’ needs? 

First, it is important to note that not all customers have the same needs. Similarly, not all hospitality businesses have the same knowledge and experience when it comes with dealing and interacting with data. Some of our customers have been using data as part of their decision-making processes for years and have a very good understanding of what they want, while others are quite new to the process.  

For the customers who have been using data for a long time we are trying to help them take their use of data to the next level, by keeping up-to-date and implementing new technologies as well as talking to industry experts to identify gaps. 

These experiences really help us understand the journey someone needs to get through in order to utilize the data at its full extent. This means that the solutions that we have built over the years and the experiences that we have acquired can be ‘transferred’ to our customers who are at earlier parts of their data journeys so that we can help them to gradually adapt to a data-driven decision-making process that would give them the best chance for success.  

What is the extent of possibilities for customers in terms of getting their data? 

Right now, we offer our customers a broad variety of services when it comes to allowing them to consume their data. All our customers get access to a large set of ready to go reports and dashboards that are available in the For-Sight application. Those reports are continuously updated and are built after years of interaction and collaboration with our existing customer base as well as field experts. Additionally, we do offer bespoke reporting services for customers who wish to take their data to the next level by creating reports and dashboards on an ad hoc basis, as well as provide training to them on how to use and interpret these.  

Right now, we are working towards updating our existing reporting services on the For-Sight app that will allow us to take our solution to the next level by allowing customers to interact with their data in much more detail and allow them to more easily identify pain points in their existing processes, but (without spoiling too much) more on that will be available over the coming months.  

What do you enjoy the most about your job? 

Solving problems and helping people make the best possible decisions is what motivates me to get to work daily. I believe that data holds the answers to almost every question and technology that is available helps us, not only identify those answers, but also makes them available to a broader audience. Building a report or a dashboard that someone uses to make an important decision is the most fulfilling part of my job!      

Connect with Foivos on LinkedIn 

Get in touch with our experts to find out more about our solution: Contact us about Hospitality CRM. 

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