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We all know there are bright times ahead for the hospitality and travel sectors as businesses are allowed to reopen. In the last 12 months of lockdowns and reopenings, it’s also become clear how the right tools and technology can positively affect the recovery for those industries. 

For this reason, we are pleased to announce we’ve joined the Prep Starts Now campaign along with several other suppliers and supporters of the industry. 

As part of Prep Starts Now we’ll be sharing best practice and guidance from ourselves and other specialist suppliers on a range of topics. The campaign will be covering topics from digital marketing to customer well-being and even staff and recruitment.  

The goal is to provide operators and managers with the information they need to get those transformative systems in place before reopening, to reap the benefits faster. Whether it’s a new order & pay solution, data capture for better digital marketing or slicker processes and procedures there are many, many ways that hospitality operators can prep now.  

We believe that guests are at the centre of all your preparation process and that guest communication is critical for the recovery of hospitality businesses. Our focus as a hospitality technology company will be to offer insights and tools to enhance your guests’ journey and maximise your revenue, both during and after the initial rush. 

We’ve all experienced to some degree the mad rush of reopening from last year. There’s more time now to get things in place that will make a difference later. This time is a prime opportunity to reopen not just as you were, but as you want to be.  

Our CEO & Co-founder, Allan Nelson had this to say about getting ready to reopen: With reopening of the industry ahead of us, now is the time to prepare and to engage with your guests in a meaningful and personalised way. With a staycation market there exists a real opportunity for hospitality businesses to not only welcome these guests now, but to build loyalty and create opportunity for the future. 

Since June last year, the increased use of technology in hospitality and travel businesses has provided a lifeline to open and trade safely, now’s the time to think about what more those tools can do for your business, staff and customers. 

Jamie McBride, our Head of Marketing shares his view about preparing for a sustainable recovery: “There exists for hospitality businesses real opportunity, both immediate and long term. The pandemic and public health restrictions may have changed who you should be targeting with your guest relationship building and marketing. By preparing now and looking to your data to make strategic decisions, the industry can look ahead to a strong and sustainable recovery”. 

It’s been great to see the attitudes to technology changing for both customers and businesses, but there’s still so much to learn and share. To get involved and discover what Prep Starts Now has to offer: 

  • Keep an eye out for the logo and #PrepStartsNow 
  • Follow us on social media 
  • Follow Prep Starts Now partners on social media 
  • Explore the campaign hub webpage 
  • Comment, share and interact with Prep Starts Now articles and videos 
  • Speak to Prep Starts Now supporting organisations for advice 

There will also be a series of exclusive offers available from selected Prep Starts Now partners, more details will be released soon. 

Discover more about the Prep Starts Now campaign: Prep Start Now – Supporting your reopening

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