Improved Experience Drives Loyalty & Direct Bookings

Unlock more direct bookings and reduce your reliance on OTAs by creating loyal guests.

Retaining your existing customers costs less and delivers higher profit margins than just working to attract new customers.

While new guests are of course essential, loyal guests are more likely to come to you directly, drive additional revenue by taking part in their favourite additional services such as spa treatments or dining, and contribute to positive word of mouth as ambassadors for your brand.

Loyalty based on experience generates regular, ongoing business where your loyal guests are more likely to come to you directly than through an OTA.

Hotels that reduced their reliance on OTAs by just 11% could see a saving of £37,400 in commission over a year.

By partnering with For-Sight you can retain your margins through direct bookings and reduce your reliance on OTAs.

Using your data, we pinpoint key interaction opportunities that will help enhance your guest experience, making them feel valued so they want to return and, ultimately, book with you direct.

A Typical Hotel


average occupancy in the uk



average RevPAR




of total revenue from OTA bookings (£1.7M)


average commission to OTA (£340,000 per annum)

11% reduction

in OTA referrals – saving of


Our Hospitality Marketing Solutions

From enhancing the guest experience through personalised omnichannel marketing to producing insights into guest behaviour for informed decision making, our solutions will help you drive guest loyalty, direct bookings and revenue opportunities.

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